Shantou Wahnog Electronics was established in 1998, with registered capital of 2.1 million. We have been foucsing on new technology, new product's development and production since then. After 10 years of experience we already have a perfect enterprise management team and competitive electronic professional technical team. On the other side, our equipments included: SMT chip mounters, bonding machine, hot air reflow ovens, wave washing machine, soldering machine, a series of advanced production equipment and a complete set of precision measuring instrument, with advanced production technology and strict quality management.

We are committed to radio and television, communications, consumer electronic product development and processing production. We provide processing service for radio and television system manufacturers, communication telephone manufacturers, game accessories factory, electronic equipment factory, toy manufacturer of electronic products customers, processing service including: SMT, DIP, soldering, debuging, aging test and packing. Our product includes: cable television paid fees access system, TV sets, CATV system trunk amplifier, distribution amplifier, branch distributor, power supply module, telephone motherboard, electric toy circuit board, multimedia teaching equipment motherboard, etc.

Core Value

Wahnog comes from public and therefore has to contribute excellent quality product to the public.

Wahnog must ensure stakeholders' benifits, especially employees. Wahnog has to make employees believe they can change their future by their own in Wahnog.

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